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Women's Museum to unveil One Hundred Years of One Hundred Handbags exhibit Fashion, utility, lifestyle...handbags are intrinsically connected to how women live in modern society. This exhibit explores how women’s lives have shaped the fashion of handbags through a collection of one hundred handbags ranging from the 1850s to the 1950s. Peer into the style choices of a flapper, a pioneer, and a Victorian socialite and discover the origins of one of women’s most beloved accessory. The Women's Museum of California ( welcomes the public to explore a new fashion history exhibit in the museum gallery, One Hundred Years of One Hundred Handbags, running June 2 to July 2. This exhibit explores how women's lives have shaped the fashion of handbags through a collection of one hundred handbags ranging from the 1850s to the 1950s. The collection on display showcases the various forms women's purses have taken throughout the years. On June 2, alongside the new exhibit will be the revamped Historical Clothing Show, a staple of the Women's Museum's educational programming. This show presents a variety of women's clothing that showcases the history of fashion over the past 200 years. The fashion Show is open to public at 7 p.m. outside Barracks 16 in Liberty Station.

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