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Grover Museum prepares wedding dress exhibition, seeks more dresses

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Four years after the war ended, Milka and France married at a Catholic church in Strasbourg, Austria. Milka carried a hanging bouquet and wore a floor-length white-lace gown. That gown is now part of a wedding-dress exhibit at the historic Barnhisel House, 1011 N. State St. A $5 donation to the Girard Historical Society is suggested to view the exhibit, which will run through November. The Girard landmark is a fitting locale for the wedding dress, since Milka and France eventually made a life for themselves at their longtime Norwood Avenue home in the city. Circumstances, however, forced the couple apart early in their newlywed life. Each received sponsors to come to the United States, but Milka’s host family lived in Cleveland while France’s lived in Niles. The couple later moved to Girard and raised their three children there.

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