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In those days, there were fewer of us around and we were better treated, he said. The 86-year-old hedge fund manager pointed out that the current refugee crisis is new, but economic migration has been going on forever. He considers the refugee and migration crisis the most pressing problem, and its one of his top priorities. His pledge of $500 million is his answer to President Barack Obamas call to action for US companies to play a bigger

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role in meeting the challenges posed by refugees and migration. The money Soros pledged will be used to invest in startups, companies, social impact initiatives and businesses started by refugees. The investments will be held by Soros non-profit organization, and the profits will fund Open Society Foundation programs, including ones that benefit refugees. His plan to solve the refugee crisis is built on his seven pillars that include: The European Union (EU) must take on a substantial number of refugees directly from front-line countries in a secure orderly way. This will be far more acceptable than the current disorder. The EU must regain control of its borders. There is little that scares and alienates the public more than scenes of chaos.

I shop everywhere but I love boutique shopping because I like to build relationships with the people who work in them. You become a part of the family. I love Haven, Sanity and Fringe. I love Banyan Tree, too. I like Nordstrom as far as department stores go. I also find great things at TJ Maxx. It's not the same experience, but I get compliments on that stuff, too. Fashion Flash: Jessa Hochman on helping others What does your look reveal about you? First and foremost it says that I have to be comfortable in order for me to look good. I don't need to wear six-inch heels or clothing that makes me

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EpiPen auto-injection epinephrine pens manufactured by Mylan NV pharmaceutical company.  REUTERS/Jim Bourg But in an email, she said the company regretted that it had not anticipated "the potential financial issues for the growing minority of patients" whose EpiPens are not covered by insurance or a patient assistance program. Mylan now offers coupons to more families to cover out-of-pocket costs and said it would soon release a half-price EpiPen. Kashtan also said the blogger summits served a worthy purpose. "Mylan aimed to provide access to information, resources and expertise about anaphylaxis and life-threatening allergies," said Kashtan, who represented the company at four summits. "We are proud to have brought together such a passionate and dedicated group of advocates." Chief executive Heather Bresch was blasted Wednesday at a hearing before U.S. lawmakers who, along with prosecutors in several states, are investigating the price hikes. EpiPen sales exceed $1 billion a year and command more than 90 percent of the market. STEAKS AND BLOG POLISHING Theeffort to get epinephrine injectors into schools is a point of pride for Mylan, which has credited its alliances with advocates for its success. "We have collaborated with government officials, leading advocacy organizations, parents, caregivers and healthcare professionals to successfully champion legislation and policies," Mylan said in a 2015 report on its social responsibility efforts. LovettSmith, whose son has nut allergies, went to her first Mylan blogger summit in January 2013 at a boutique midtown Manhattan hotel overlooking the Empire State Building.

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